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Instructions for completing DEA Form 254 CSOS Certificate Application Registrant List Addendum Introduction Form DEA-254 is for individuals requesting to be enrolled for more than one DEA Registration number in the CSOS program. This Addendum form must be associated with a Registrant DEA-251 Coordinator DEA-252 or Power of Attorney DEA-253 Certificate Application. Approved Registrant Coordinator if requesting the ability to sign controlled substa...
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Music compliance the practice of obeying rules or requests made by people in authority this is the pharmacy compliance guide with Jeff hedges Applause Music good morning this is Carlos Aquino from farmer diversion LLC and you're listening to the pharmacy compliance guide pharmacy podcast network listeners first this is the host and founder of the pharmacy podcast network Todd Yuri if this is the first time listening to a podcast I welcome you I thank you for taking the time to listen to this network has grown over the years we launched in 2009 we found some of the greatest minds in the pharmacy industry to participate one of those is the pharmacy compliance guide podcast which is a special partnership between Jeff hedges with hedges and associates it really focuses on some of the most tedious most detailed information of what it is to run your community independently owned the pharmacy and how important that is today is very exciting for the network because we're bringing to the table we're bringing to the podcast an expert within the world of DEA documentation and how important that is to understanding this it's been big in the news lately, and it's something that's important that we should be talking about so without further ado welcome to the pharmacy compliance guide episode with Jeff hedges and good morning Jeff I know you have a special guest I can't wait to introduce him how are you doing we're doing very good today so and we with Carlos here with us today we bring a very, very important subject last year 2017 we saw the EAA changing their focus on kebab pharmacy compliance DEA and started increasing their enforcement from the verification of the combat methamphetamine certificate to a more formal on-site inspection now with the emphasis on the opioid epidemic DEA is under increased pressure to look at the abusers of this system and naturally the first place any inspector is going to look it's at the pharmacy at this point we are spending a lot of time with our clients, and we're looking at updating our clients and talking to them about this trend, and we're providing them more and more information and I attended a conference last September and Carlos was there and one of the presentations was maintaining your pharmacy and DEA compliance the C II wasn't well attended however it was one of the most interesting and most informative CES I've ever attended one of the two presenters is joining Todd and me today and this is Carlos Aquino he is the president of Pharma diversion he's based out of Philadelphia Carlos is a retired DEA diversion investigator as a great supporter of independent pharmacies if you ever have an issue with DEA Carlos is the first person you should call and as the information is listed on the pine nuts, and you'll be able to contact them, but DEA is a very serious thing that we're all dealing with right now we'll be talking about it as we go through this today so with this hello Carlos Jeff come in good morning, and thank...
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